About Us

Frank D’Angelo and Phil Isaac have been in the elevator industry for a combined 50 years. Cleveland Elevator was founded in 2019 as a sister company to Gable Elevator, providing engineering, manufacturing, and consulting services for the elevator industry.


Founded in 2019, Cleveland Elevator Inc. is focused on providing the best elevator products and packages on the market. Ranging from Air Purifier units all the way to complete elevator packages, we provide the engineering and material for any scope of elevator install and modernization.

We exclusively use non-proprietary components in our elevator packages and power units, ensuring easy service and repair. Nothing is locked behind a company name, allowing full ownership and flexibility in how you manage your unit.

Who We Are

Frank D’Angelo

Frank has been engineering elevators for over 20 years, from individual components to complete elevator packages. He has extensive experience in product development and customer service, and has been a member of the NEII Performance Standards Committee for 5 years and Local 17 IUEC JAC Board for 2 years.

Phil Isaac

Phil has been in the elevator and accessibility industry for over 30 years, working as a Certified Elevator Technician, Qualified Elevator Inspector, and President of Gable Elevator. He has extensive experience with customer relations, project management, and elevator service. Phil has been a member of the Local 45 IUEC JAC Board for 3 years, the NEAC Certification Board, and sits on the ASME A17.1 Mechanical Design Committee, A17.1 LULA Committee, and A18 Standards Committee.